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Formed in 2017, Mise N Ltd is a rapidly growing wholesale fragrance company that helps people to find top quality candles and perfumes at excellent prices. Set up by NAME, Mise N Ltd runs with one simple goal; to help people look, smell, feel and think better than ever. We know the importance of organic products, which is why we are so clear about the fact that all the products we use are fully organic and utterly safe to use at home and on your skin.

Mise N Ltd is all about making sure that you can get a product that you feel suits your own style. All of our fragrances carry a thick, luxurious and grandiose style and smell. With natural ingredient used for the most authentic feeling possible, we make sure that the aroma created is as enjoyable, as luxurious and as specific as possible.

All of our products are fully organic and natural, too. Every ingredient is chosen after much research and consideration. We never use any products that we would not feel comfortable using in our own personal lives. This allows us to feel completely secure that the products we use are safe for your skin and your system. From high quality perfumes to candles that can deliver over 30 hours of burning time, we make it super-simple for you to enjoy a complex yet complete range of smells.

Whether you are looking to help find some new fragrances that break away from the norm or you want natural candles that burn bright and smell just right, you can take a look at our extensive product collection and make sure you can get all the help that you need to make your home smell simply amazing.

Need more information? Contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you find the perfect fragrance selections. With every product gently fragranced to help meet your own specific tastes, you can enjoy a much more fertile and satisfying experience. Each product comes with the sole intent of helping to vastly improve your quality of life!

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